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BT 1500 Twin

BT 1500 TwinWith its elegant and modern design, the BT 1500 looks the part in any home or office, and in spite of its affordable price tag, it boasts a wide range of features including an answering machine and an ergonomic handset. This bundle comes with an additional handset and charging cradle, and it is possible to expand the system with a total of five handsets.Integrated Answering MachineThe stylish base station of the BT 1500 system is equipped with a convenient digital answering machine accompanied by an intuitive set of controls to help you manage your voice messages. You can also listen to your voice messages from any handset registered to the system.Ergonomic DesignThe BT 1500 incorporates BT’s new ear-bowl design for improved voice clarity, while the ergonomic profile of the handset makes it comfortable to carry around with you. The BT 1500 also features large buttons to help simplify call management, and each handset sports a clear, high-contrast backlit display.Flexible and CustomisableYou can choose from five standard ringtones on both the base station and handset, and there are volume controls for both components. For those times when you don’t want to be disturbed, you can also turn the ringer off entirely.Why Should You Buy these Cordless Phones?This affordable pair of cordless DECT phones from BT is ideal for everyday home or business use with the added convenience of an integrated digital answering machine.