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Sennheiser CSTD 08

Genuine Sennheiser accessoryFor use with Sennheiser headsets Sennheiser CSTD 08 This headset accessory is designed for any standard corded headset with a standard microphone sensitivity level. The cable sports an easy disconnect feature to modular RJ9 plugs, while a coiled cord prevents it getting tangled. It is designed for direct connection to a range of

Sennheiser CSTD 01 Cable

Standard microphone sensitivity Features EasyDisconnect For use with all switches and amplifiers Direct connection to most of the phones Sennheiser CSTD 01 Cable Providing quick and hassle-free connectivity to most telephone systems for Sennheiser headsets, this cable features a durable design and a coiled cord to prevent it from getting tangled up. It is a

Spare Headset for Sennheiser DW Pro 1

Sennheiser DW 20 Additional HeadsetThis single-­sided spare headset offers exceptional call clarity and comfort for intensive wearing throughout the day. A premium DECT cordless device, the Sennheiser DW 20 HS may be connected either to a standard deskphone or to a softphone.Multiple Wearing StylesFor the comfort of your employees, the Sennheiser DW 20 HS has

Spare Headset for Sennheiser DW Pro 2

Sennheiser DW 30 HS: Spare headset for the DW Pro 2A stylish binaural cordless headset featuring an adjustable microphone boom and ultra-noise cancellation technology, the Sennheiser DW 30 HS boasts a premium design and excellent comfort for intensive wearing throughout the daily routine.Perfect for All-Day ComfortComfort and ergonomics should be main priorities when it comes

Sennheiser DW Base for Desk Phone and PC

Sennheiser DW Base Set for DW Office Wireless HeadsetsThe Sennheiser DW BS is a spare or replacement base station for Sennheiser DW Office communication systems. Providing DECT wireless technology, it facilitates cordless freedom and professional communication around the office.Fast ChargingThanks to fast charging, headsets cradled in the base station can be charged to 50% in

Sennheiser DW Charge Base for Desk Phones

Sennheiser DW Base StationThis is a base station unit for use with any Sennheiser DW Pro 1 or DW Pro 2 cordless DECT headset. Localized for the UK, the Sennheiser DW BS Phone is designed for use with conventional deskphones, facilitating ease of use and quick deployment.DECT Wireless TechnologyFeaturing DECT technology, this base station provides

Sennheiser CH 20 MB

Sennheiser CH 20 MBThe Sennheiser CH 20 MB is a charging stand for DW Pro 1 and DW Pro 2 wireless communication systems for call centres and offices.Multiple Mounting Options A useful alternative to base station charging, particularly in desk-sharing environments, the Sennheiser CH 20 MB may be wall­-mounted or used as a stand­alone charger placed

Plantronics A10-11 Amplified Bottom Cable

Plantronics A10-11 Amplified Bottom CableThis cable features a simple plug-and-play adaptor for quick and easy installation with any H-series headset from Plantronics and compatible telephones. As a dedicated adaptor, it provides no controls or switches, making it easy to use with any headset that supports quick disconnect, such as those belonging to the Polaris range

Plantronics Spare Cable 2.5mm

Plantronics Spare Cable 2.5mm PlugThis stub cable from Plantronics is designed for use with wireless headsets, and it may be used via the headset socket in various corded and cordless phones such as those from Panasonic. Convenient and easy to use, this durable cable sports a standard 2.5mm connector on one end and a RJ11

Plantronics APS-11

Plantronics APS-11 Electronic Hookswitch Cable for Wireless HeadsetsAn electronic hookswitch cable, the Plantronics APS-11 allows you to answer and end deskphone calls remotely without requiring a mechanical handset lifter. The cable works with a wide range of deskphones thanks to its industry-standard interface, and it communicates directly with the phone to enable convenient, one-touch remote

Plantronics QD to 2.5mm

Quick disconnect cable for attaching your Plantronics H-Series headset to some phones with a 2.5mm jack

Plantronics Voice Tube (Clear)

Replacement Voicetube for Plantronics Headsets. Compatible with:SUPRA PLUSH261H261P251P261ENCOREH91H91NH101H101NP91P91NP101P101NTRISTARH81H81NP81P81NDUOPROH151H151NH161H161NH171H171NH181H181NP151P151NP161P161NP171P171NP181P181NDUOSETH141H141NP141P141N

Plantronics APA-2A Hook Switch

Plantronics APA-2A Hook SwitchElectronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control.

Plantronics APC-45 Electronic Hook Switch Cable

Plantronics APC-45 Electronic Hook Switch CableElectronic Hook Switch Cable for remote desk phone call control.

Plantronics Hic 1 Headset Cable

Amplified bottom cable for Avaya 6400 & 8400 phone,Compatible with all Plantronics standard headsets,Quick disconnect

Plantronics APP-51 Electronic Hookswitch

The Plantronics APP-51 is an Electronic Hookswitch which connects a the Plantronics CS500 range of wireless headsets up with a number of Polycom deskphones. For full details on compatibility, please contact our customer support team.

Plantronics Plx U10P-J Cable

Curly cordSingle brass pin (J-plug) to QD Plantronics PLX U10P-J Cable Featuring a curled cord and a single J-plug brass pin, this quick-disconnect cable is designed for Siemens phones. The cable sports a sturdy and flexible design that is coiled in such a way as to minimize the risk of getting tangled up, while quick-disconnect

Plantronics Universal AC Adapter For CS Ranges

Plantronics Universal AC Adaptor for CS RangesDesigned for use with wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics, this universal AC adaptor allows you to charge your headset quickly and conveniently. It features a compact design as well as an additional adaptor for European power sockets. This device is compatible with a wide range of headsets including the

Plantronics APV 63 Cable

Plantronics APV63 Electronic Hookswitch CableCompatible with Plantronics range of DECT headsets, this electronic hookswitch allows headset users to make or receive telephone calls without having to lift up the handset. With this useful device, users won’t need to have a mechanical device such as the Plantronics handset lifter to answer phone calls remotely. If features

Plantronics AP-1 Hookswitch

Plantronics AP-1 HookswitchSmall, compact and discreet, the Plantronics AP-1 hookswitch adapter allows anyone who is using the Plantronics AWH65 wireless headset to make or receive phone calls without having to lift up the handset itself. This device eliminates the necessity for the HL10 mechanical lifter, and it is fully compatible with all phones belonging to