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Cobra AM1035 12km Ten Pack Walkie Talkies

The All new 12-Kilometre Walkie Talkie from Cobra. Complete with rubberized grips to provide enhanced grip and built-in LED Flashlight to keep you on the go. VibrAlert® notifies you of incoming transmissions by vibrating. This Floating waterproof radio allows you to be ready, whatever the weather. Voice-activated transmission keeps your hands for other tasks. Up to 968 channel combinations are available when the 8 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes. The perfect walkie talkies for outdoor adventuresThese Cobra AM1035 walkie talkies come with an IPx7 waterproof rating and a rugged design. That makes them the ideal choice for hiking, camping, and skiing- or any situation when you need your radios to put up with tough conditions. They also come packed with a host of handy features, including a 12km maximum performance range, hands-free VOX voice activation transmission and Cobra’s patented VibrAlert vibrating feedback, which gives you a silent notification of an incoming transmission. The Cobra AM1035 works perfectly with all other PMR 446 radios, so you can add this to an existing set or use with a friend’s radios. 12km rangeThe Cobra AM1035 provides an impressive 12km maximum range- which is well above the average for license-free two-way radios. This makes them the obvious choice for anyone who needs to cover a large amount of ground with their walkie talkies. If you’re hitting the ski slopes or hiking across long distances, these radios will offer you plenty of range for your team. Please note that the actual range can be affected by the surrounding environment. Floating two-way radiosThe floating design of the Cobra AM1035 makes it perfect for use around water. Thanks to a colourful orange core, you’ll always be able to spot your walkie talkie quickly should you drop it in the water. And if you should happen to drop anything else- the AM1035 comes with a built-in LED flashlight to help you find it. All this means that the Cobra AM1035 the ideal choice for kayaking and other water-based activities. What’s in the box? 2 x Cobra AM 1035 Radios1 x Micro-USB Cable1 x Dock Charger6 x Rechargeable AA NiMH batteries Why should you buy these two-way radios?With a host of handy features, the Cobra AM1035 is a great pick if you need a rugged, dependable two-way radio. Thanks to an IP7 rating and floating core, it’s ideal for use around water. But with VOX and a 12km range as well, these walkie talkies are also suitable for any demanding environment.