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Lytro Light Field Camera, 8GB, Graphite

8 GB internal flash drive storage space Capacity of 350 living pictures 8x full optical zoom lens The Lytro Light Field Camera 8GB Graphite The Lytro Light Field Camera, 8GB, Graphite is an eye-catching, revolutionary camera that creates photos first before letting you refocus again and again – after shooting them. Creative design One look at the captivating design of this long, rectangular equipment and you know that there is something different about this camera. Measuring 4.4 inches in length by 1.6 inches in width, it does not look like your typical camera, but this anodised aluminium housing makes the camera very lightweight. Easy handling It is easy to hold for one or two-hand shooting, while the absence of an auto-focus means that there is no shutter delay that is characteristic of other cameras. The camera also features a 1.52-inch touch-screen that lets you control most functions with a swipe or tap, while the back-lit display allows you to compose, refocus, and review your images. Revolutionary technology Many imaging devices use standard sensors, but the Lytro Light Field camera utilises a variety of micro-lenses that enable it to capture the colour, intensity, and vector direction of light rays. This technology, commonly referred to as light-field photography, allows the Lytro camera to shoot instantly without requiring the photographer to focus first. When the user presses the shutter release, the Lytro collects light from every direction, and camera’s software compiles a 3D map of the image that has been captured. The photo is the made available, and anyone with access to it (image URL) can refocus it by simply clicking on any area of focus. Why should you get the Lytro camera? This camera provides two shooting modes: everyday mode, which allows the camera to adjust the refocusing range by about 3.5x zoom; and the creative mode, which offers more control of blur in situations where the distance between two subjects is too close to focus. The latter option offers the full 8x zoom. Users can also adjust the light in the scene using manual controls, and enhance the images with nine living filters.