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Hytera TC320 Quad Pack License-Free Two Way Radios

The Hytera TC320 is an affordable two-way radio that comes with a whole host of handy features. Compact and ergonomically designed, it is an extremely durable handset, making it an excellent choice for warehouses and building sites. It also comes with VOX functionality for hands-free use. With reliable range and high-quality sound, these radios are a great buy..A robust set of two way radiosIf you are looking for two way radios that can put up with a fair amount of punishment, then the Hytera TC320 is an excellent choice. Manufactured with double injection molding and with a specially designed ergonomic, anti-slip surface, it can easily be operated in harsh environments. The radio can be dropped from a height of up to 1.5m without being damaged.VOX for hands-free useThe TC320 includes VOX functionality, which means that it can be used completely hands-free. With this mode activated, the radio will automatically start broadcasting when it detects your voice, and then shut off when you stop speaking.Not only is the TC320 a solidly-built radio, but it also provides high-quality audio for crystal-clear communications. It holds a steady connection with other walkie talkies in your setup, and as a license-free radio, there are no additional fees to pay other than the price of the handsets. With 16 channels, it is also a good choice if you’re working in a busy environment where you need multiple lines of communication.Why should you buy these two way radios?With its sturdy design and high-quality sound, the Hytera TC320 is a solid choice for users in industrial environments.