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Jabra Speak 410 MS USB Conference UC Speakerphone (optimised for Microsoft Lync)

Jabra SPEAK 410 MS USB Speakerphone: For the convenience of handsfree conference callsA low-cost, high-performance speakerphone that can turn any room into a conference room, the SPEAK 410 MS by Jabra picks up all voices clearly within a radius of one meter and is a must in every small conference room or executive office with daily audio-conferencing requirements.Easy Setup and Integration With Microsoft® LyncThe affordable and high quality speakerphone can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft® Lync to make the most of the platform’s features, and it can be simply connected to your computer’s USB port without any need for drivers or software. The cables are integrated into the body so setup is quick.Why Should You Buy This Speakerphone Conference Phone?The Jabra SPEAK™ 410 MS USB Speakerphone Conference phone has an omni-directional microphone with noise filter, which means it blocks out all background noises in the office and enhances voice quality. It is compatible with Jabra PC Suite, which allows you to use the remote call control feature on your headset or from buttons on the cord, so you can have greater mobility than other speakerphones offer and can multi-task while you’re taking a call. The speakerphone is also compact and portable, making it a perfect conference phone for everyday business collaboration.