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Jabra Speak 510+ MS with Jabra Link 360

Thanks to its excellent sound quality and easy setup, the Jabra Speak 510+ MS is the ideal speakerphone. Whether in the office or on the go, it can instantly transform any location into a conference room, streamlining your communications for added productivity.Plug-and-Play SetupSetting up the Jabra Speak 510+ couldn’t be simpler. Just plug it in via your PC’s USB port, or connect it up via Bluetooth (using the included Jabra Link 360 adapter if your device doesn’t have this built-in). When you make or receive a call from your computer, the audio will then automatically play through the speakerphone- perfect for conference calls!Superb Sound QualityThe Speak 510+ has been carefully engineered to sound as natural as possible- almost as if you were in the room with the person on the other end of the line. Not only is the audio crystal clear, but the built-in microphone also does a stellar job of picking up voices from around a table. This means everyone taking part in the call will be able to hear and be heard, even in environments with a lot of background noise.Fully Wireless Conference Calls- Even on PCs Without BluetoothWorking from a PC without built-in Bluetooth? Not to worry- this bundle also includes the Jabra Link 360. This dongle plugs into your computer’s USB port, allowing it to pair up with your Speak 510+ wirelessly. With a range of up to 300 feet, it’s ideal for desktop users who may need to take conference calls in another room- while the Bluetooth functionality makes it a great choice for mobile calls, too.Why should you buy the Jabra Speak 510?With USB connectivity and Bluetooth, this speakerphone is ideal for businesses who need to make conference calls both in the office and on the go. Optimized for Skype, and compatible with computers and mobile devices alike, it is the ultimate in portable communications.