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Kenwood TK-3501T PMR446 Two-Way Radio

Kenwood TK-3501T PMR446 Two-Way RadioProviding 16 channels and 8 frequencies, the Kenwood TK-3501T is an industrial-strength two-way radio system which makes use of both the QT and DQT signalling formats. It is easy to use, providing license-free PMR446 radio communication, and it is thin and lightweight, making it perfect for use on the move.Powerful Audio OutputWith decades of experience as an audio specialist, the TK-3501T two-way radio draws from Kenwood’s expertise to deliver a high-end radio transceiver of the best quality design. Equipped with a BTL audio amplifier outputting 1.5W of power, users can enjoy their conversations with crisp and clear audio at all times, even in harsher operating conditions such as storms, warehouses and other noisy environments.Long Battery LifeMade to provide a reliable way to keep in touch throughout the day, the power-saving design of the Kenwood TK-3501T delivers as much as 20 hours of standard use on a fully charged battery with the power-saving mode enabled. Additionally, users may replace the battery with the KNB-65L 1520mAh to extend the battery life to up to 26 hours.Long-Range Freedom and VersatilityThe Kenwood TK-3501T features a receiver circuit that is optimized for high-performance stationary antennas to help deliver interference-free transmissions at a range of up to 10km. Additionally, users may program predefined QT tones and frequency settings for each of the 16 channels to ensure optimal performance at all times. Built-in VOX functionality with different sensitivity levels allow you to answer incoming transmissions with your voice, and you can also connect an optional headset for the comfort of hands-free communication.Why Should You Buy these Two-Way Radios?Featuring a ruggedized design, these radios are best suited to demanding leisure or business users. They are also provide a reliable way to keep in touch in noisier industrial environments.