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Wild & Wolf 746 Petrol Blue

The Wild & Wolf 746 Petrol BlueThe Wild and Wolf 746 is a novelty corded phone featuring a classic retro design based on the quintessentially British telephone of the sixties. The original 746 was introduced in 1967 by the general post office, and for two decades it remained extremely popular in homes and offices all over the UK. This high-­quality remake looks authentic while using modern technology beneath its surface.Authentic StyleDesigned to resemble the sixties classic in every respect, the Wild and Wolf 746 features bold curves and a high­-quality build made of sturdy plastic. The phone features a blue finish, while the earpiece cable and buttons are coloured a deep red.Simple ControlsThe original 746 featured a rotary dialler like most phones of that era, but this modern remake uses a convenient push-­button dialler instead. However, the buttons are arranged in a circle in such a way that it looks just like the original design that was ubiquitous throughout the sixties. The phone is also equipped with a redial button for calling back the most recent incoming or missed phone call. In spite of its highly credible retro design, the Wild and Wolf 746 is fundamentally a modern phone at its heart, and it connects to any standard telephone socket.Why Should You Buy this Corded Telephone?The Wild and Wolf 746 is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish novelty phone that is both easy to use and an authentic remake of the classic.