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VQ Susie Q DAB/FM & Internet Radio with Bluetooth Connectivity in Black

Offering first-rate sound quality and virtually unlimited range of listening options, the VQ Susie Q is one of the most impressive DAB radios around. As well as standard DAB and FM options, it also includes WiFi functionality, so you can tune in to your choice of over 30,000 online stations from around the world. It’s even multiroom compatible, allowing you to link it up with other compatible models to fill your whole home with sweet, sweet music.Rich, warm soundIn terms of sound quality, the Susie Q offers a serious step up from other VQ models. Drawing on the very latest audio technology, it provides incredible sound that’s sure to impress even the most discerning of audiophiles. Using VQ’s own unique Analogue Sound Processing (ASP), it mimics the rich, warm tones you’d expect from vinyl, which really heightens your listening experience.Impressive retro designAs well as sounding fantastic, the VQ Susie Q also looks the part, too. VQ are known for their smart, retro-inspired designs, and the Susie Q is no exception. With a sophisticated front panel, including a full-colour screen, it’s both attractive and functional. What’s more, the casing is made from gorgeous premium leatherette, for that perfect finishing touch. Wherever you place it, you can be sure that your new Susie Q will become a real talking point for guests.An unparalleled range of listening optionsWith the latest DAB radio technology, plus traditional FM, the VQ Susie Q will let you tune in to all locally available stations. What’s more, the Susie Q boasts a particularly reliable antenna, to cut down on interference and ensure you always stay tuned in perfectly. What’s more, it can also connect up to your WiFi to tune in to internet radio. With over 30,000 stations to choose from, there’s a whole world of radio to discover!Bluetooth and multiroom connectivityWith so many radio stations to choose from, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting tired of them. But if you’d rather choose your own soundtrack, you’ll be pleased to learn that the VQ Susie Q comes with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming. That way, you can enjoy all your favourite audio, from music to podcasts, at just the touch of a button. There’s also the Spotify Connect feature, so you can instantly start streaming playlists straight to your Susie Q. Plus, if you like to listen as you roam about the house, you’ll be delighted to learn that the VQ Susie Q is multiroom compatible through the UNDOK app. With just a few clicks, you can fill your entire home with music to your ears.