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Revo SuperCD DAB, FM & Internet Radio All-In-One Music System with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Spotify Connect in Walnut/Silver

The Revo SuperCD is a stylish multi-format connected radio with CD, Spotify, Bluetooth and multiroom audio capabilities. Equipped for a wide range of radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS and Wi-Fi Internet radio, the SuperCD provides access to over 30,000 stations from around the world at your fingertips. The timeless design strikes the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality from the furniture-grade cabinet, reassuringly tactile front grille to the intuitive joystick controls and large OLED display. Impressive sound qualityWith twin Balanced Mode Radiator speakers, the Revo SuperCD provides audio quality that needs to be heard to be believed. Enjoy all your favourite music and radio shows in full stereo sound for a next-level listening experience. The speakers in this model are slightly larger than those in smaller Revo models, helping to further improve on the already excellent sound quality. That really comes in handy with the CD mode, as it lets you get the most out of every disc. Thanks to a solid low-end and superb separation, music has never sounded quite so good.The ultimate in functionalityWhat truly sets the SuperCD apart is the sheer amount of listening options it offers. As well as giving you access to DAB radio, it can also connect to your WiFi to unlock the world of internet radio, too. There are over 30,000 stations available from across the globe, and it’s easy to search by name, location, or genre to find a new favourite. What’s more, the CD player allows you to go back and rediscover all those classic albums that you’d forgotten about. It’s time to get back into music- and the SuperCD is the perfect way to do so! Design redefinedAs with all Revo DAB radios, the SuperCD boasts a beautiful mid-century modern design with a few modern twists. The most notable feature is the real wood casing, which lends the model a sense of timeless sophistication. However, it’s more than just an aesthetic touch. The wood also offers excellent acoustic properties which further add to the superior audio quality. It’s this attention to detail which makes Revo the top DAB radios brand in the UK today.Multi-Format CDThe swish vertical-loading CD player will give your CD collection a new lease of life allowing you to enjoy all your classic albums in exceptional clarity. They all sound superb through the SuperCD’s precision speaker design. And with multi-format support, it’ll play CD-Rs and CD-RWs too. Innovative controlsIt’s more than just great design and astonishing sound that sets Revo’s DAB radios apart. They also use a unique joystick control method, making the SuperCD incredibly easy to use. At first glance it might seem unwieldy, but in practise it couldn’t be more innovative. You’ll soon be navigating your way through all the menus without any trouble at all. Plus, there’s a remote control included in the box, so you don’t have to get up to change the station. Perfect!