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Agent W860 DECT Wireless v3

Agent W860 DECT V3 Headset Designed with excellent audio quality and comfort in mind, the Agent W860 DECT V3 single sided wireless headset is a must for the modern office. Whether it be multitasking at a range of 150 meters, conference calls with up to three people or benefiting from the noise cancelling technology in a noisy office, this headset is sure to fit your communication needs. Flexibility and comfort With its impressive range and considerable battery life, this headset will allow you greater freedom of movement and efficiency within your workplace without ever worrying about missing a call. With both battery and ‘out of range’ indicators to warn you, this is a truly user friendly device. Why should you buy this headset? For a modern office, connectivity and flexibility are paramount. This product offers an affordable and efficient way for busy professionals to get the most out of their time in style and comfort.