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Wild & Wolf Series 302 Black

Wild & Wolf Series 302With its iconic and retro design, the Wild & Wolf Series 302 corded phone provides a unique style following the 302 phone design introduced by the industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss in 1937. However, in spite of its classic 1930s design, the phone hides modern technology within for your convenience.Simple and Easy to UseFollowing a style which became popular long before modern household technology started becoming much more complicated, the Wild & Wolf Series 302 is exceptionally easy to use. Although the phones of this time used an original rotating dial, this phone actually comes with buttons for added convenience without detracting in any way from its retro appearance. There is also a redial button so that you can call back numbers without having to enter them again. The phone even sounds just as it should with its authentic bell ring rather than the very different ringtones of most modern devices. However, you can also toggle it on and off using a switch on the bottom of the phone.Ergonomic and ComfortableWhen Henry Dreyfuss first came up with the design which this phone follows, he took ear to mouth measurements from 2000 people to determine the most ergonomic and comfortable design for a telephone headset. It also boasts a rugged build made from high­quality black plastic rather than the far heavier metal construction of the earlier models.Why Should You Buy this Corded Phone?Those who are style­conscious and looking for something which fits well with retro tastes and ease of use will find the Wild & Wolf Series 302 to be the perfect choice. It can be connected to any standard BT socket, and the useful yet subtle more modern features make it practical as well as nostalgic.