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Audio Pro Addon C5A Wireless Multiroom Smart Speaker with Alexa in Black

From the Manufacturer:Same Great Sound with an Added TwistWith the Addon C5 as a role model, it’s no surprise the Audio Pro Addon C5A makes no compromises on sound quality when integrating Alexa voice control into its design. Combining superior bass and clarity with stunning dynamics and full-bodied audio, the Addon C5A brings Alexa Smart Assistant home in the signature Audio Pro Scandinavian minimalist style, whilst a hefty Class D Amplifier, textile dome tweeters and long throw woofer ensure her voice is heard.Modern and Classic Audio CombinedAt Audio Pro, it’s not just about replacing your classic Hi-Fi system or rendering your older non-WiFi speakers obsolete. Instead, the Addon C5A champions all things retro, with RCA and 3.5mm Stereo inputs permitting simple cabled connection of analogue sound systems, turntables, MP3 players and other classic favourites to the network via the speaker, welcoming a unique touch of character into the mix. After all, old school is the new cool!On Board AlexaThanks to the Audio Pro Addon C5A, the smart home just got smarter. With an Alexa far-reach microphone incorporated into its very core, the Addon C5A picks up user voice commands from anywhere in the room. Whether its adding ingredients to your shopping list, or soothing your little cherub to sleep with a lullaby, full access to Alexa skills means there are literally thousands of ways to interact with the Addon C5A and access your music without touching a single button.One Touch PlayExpanding on the control panel of the original Addon T5, the Audio Pro Addon C5A features more streamlined circular volume adjustment in addition to four numbered presets and an array of other user-friendly buttons (on/off, pair etc.). All are thoughtfully crafted from high-grade aluminium for smooth, seamless control over your music. Instantly assign radio stations and playlists to each of the presets simply by pressing the desired button during play, granting one-touch access to your favourites at your very fingertips.