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Revo SuperTone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in Black/Walnut

The Revo SuperTone brings all of the company’s acoustics acumen to the world of bookshelf speakers. Boasting a stunning retro-meets-modern design, it’s sure to be a real talking point, wherever you choose to place it. Inside, you’ll find premium, custom-designed components that deliver audio quality that truly has to be heard to be believed. Best of all, there’s a huge range of connectivity options, too, from lossless Bluetooth to optical input. That makes this speaker an incredibly versatile piece of tech, bringing world-class sound direct to your living room.Eye-catching designRevo have a real flair for design, and the SuperTone is bursting with their trademark style. Taking mid-century modern as their starting point, the Revo engineers have created a speaker that wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end, mid-seventies hi-fi setup. Unlike their DAB radios, there’s no need for a screen, which means the controls have all been clearly laid out on the top of the front panel. Coupled with the delectably tactile volume knob, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the SuperTone for a genuine vintage guitar amp. That makes this speaker unit as much a decorative piece as it is a functioning piece of tech- making it the ideal centrepiece for your living room.Best-in-class soundNot only is the Revo SuperTone beautifully designed, but it sounds as good as it looks, too. With twin 3.5” Balanced Mode Radiator speakers, it is able to provide all the depth and dynamism you’d expect from a much larger unit. What’s more, with an 80W, Class D amplifier in tow, it can easily fill even large living rooms with superb-quality sound. There’s no sacrifice on clarity, though- in fact, it’s like the band are right there in the room with you. Finally, a 6”, 40W subwoofer delivers outstanding bass frequencies. That all adds up to rich, full sound across a wide range of different music genres. Whether you’re into classic rock or modern R&B, you can be sure that the SuperTone will deliver.aptX Bluetooth for CD-quality streamingWith such sophisticated audio components built-in, it would be a shame not to use the SuperTone to its full potential. Luckily, the presence of aptX Bluetooth connectivity means you can easily do exactly that, without the need for any wires or physical media. Simply connect up a compatible smartphone or tablet, and you can enjoy rich, dynamic sound that equals the quality of a conventional CD.Endless connectivity optionsThe SuperTone offers you a world of choice when it comes to connectivity. As well as aptX Bluetooth, there’s also digital optical and stereo RCA in, as well as an aux port. That makes this speaker ideal for use with all your living room gadgets. From your TV and hi-fi to your record player, or even your laptop, it’s a safe bet that the SuperTone will work perfectly with just a simple wired connection. There’s even a USB charging port built-in, so you can keep your phone powered up while you play.