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VQ Rosie Lee DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio & Bluetooth Speaker – Real Wood – Black Leather & Walnut

The VQ Rosie Lee is a premium DAB radio that’s equally at home in your living room or on your bedside cabinet. Made from a single piece of wood with a high-end leather casing, this radio is hand-crafted to perfection. Twin ultra-wide speakers provide 10W of full stereo sound, to provide sound quality that matches its appearance. What’s more, it also includes a range of additional features, including Bluetooth connectivity, dual alarms, and up to 60 different presets to save all your favourite stations. This is no standard radio alarm clock; the Rosie Lee is a superb sound system in itself.Premium British DesignHandcrafted from a single piece of wood, the VQ Rosie Lee has been lovingly crafted to offer peak acoustic performance. That wooden body is then wrapped in a premium leatherette casing to further add to its high-end feel. Measuring almost a foot deep, this DAB radio is sure to become a centrepiece of any bedroom.High-End AudioUnusually for a bedside DAB radio, the VQ Rosie Lee offers full stereo sound. With twin ultra-wide 5W speakers, it packs a powerful punch, meaning it’s equally at home in your living room as on your bedside cabinet. What’s more, the Rosie Lee also includes built-in Bluetooth functionality, so you can stream all your favourite tracks direct from your smartphone or tablet.Loaded With FeaturesThe VQ Rosie Lee offers a whole host of radio options, with DAB, DAB+, and FM connectivity all supported. With 60 different station presets, you can easily save all your favourites for easy selection. As a bedside DAB radio, it also includes dual alarm modes, which gently ease you into the day by gradually increasing the volume until it reaches your desired level. There’s even a USB charging port on the back, allowing you to power up your phone overnight.Why Should You Buy This DAB Radio?Equally at home on your bedside cabinet or as the centrepiece of your hifi setup, the VQ Rosie Lee sounds as good as it looks. With plenty of handy features, this model is the ideal way to start every day.