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BT Diverse Repeater

BT Diverse RepeaterSporting a compact, wall-mountable design, the BT Diverse Repeater will extend the range of your cordless DECT phone network to overcome issues with poor signal strength in either the home or the office. It is compatible with various cordless phones from BT, and it can extend the range by up to 50 metres indoors.Automatic Call HandoverThanks to roaming capabilities, users may carry out phone calls with complete freedom without having to worry about getting cut off when moving between the repeater and base station signal area. The system automatically hands over calls in progress, and you can register multiple repeaters to the same base station. Easy InstallationInstalling the BT Diverse Repeater is simply a matter of plugging it into the mains and registering it to the base station. Its wall-mountable design allows unobtrusive installation into tight spaces, and it is backwards-compatible with a wide range of BT Diverse cordless DECT phones.Why Should You Buy this DECT Repeater?The BT Diverse Repeater is the perfect solution for extending the range of your BT Diverse cordless phone network, and as a scalable system, you can have a total of six repeaters registered to the DECT base station.