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Roberts Blutune T2 Portable DAB Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

The Roberts Blutune T2 is a stylish portable radio and speaker that’s sure to impress wherever you take it. Offering both DAB and FM modes, along with Bluetooth connectivity, it also includes a range of extra features such as dual alarms, USB playback, and smartphone charging. With its timeless wooden casing and leather carry handle, this radio looks as good as it sounds, too!DAB & FM radio modesThe Roberts Blutune T2 includes both DAB and FM modes, so you can easily tune in to all your favourite local stations. It also allows you to save up to 60 station presets, so there’s no risk of you forgetting a new favourite. These can then be recalled with just a few button presses. If you feel like a spot of private listening, there’s also a headphone socket on the radio, too.Bluetooth streamingIf you feel like listening to your own choice of music rather than the radio, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Blutune T2 comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can connect up your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to enjoy all your favourite playlists and tracks. And for devices without Bluetooth, there’s also an aux-in port, as well as the option of playing music files from a USB drive, too.Perfectly portableWhether you prefer to listen at home or on the go, the Roberts Bluetune T2 is a great choice. That’s because it can be powered by both mains and batteries, so you can use it wherever you like. It will even recharge batteries whilst plugged in, to ensure you don’t find yourself running out of juice. And the leather handle makes it so easy to carry about!Dual alarm modesThe Blutune T2 makes for a great alarm clock radio, waking you up with your choice of the radio or a buzzer tone. The alarm and snooze durations can be adjusted to suit your needs, so whether you need an extra forty, fifty, or even sixty winks, it can be tweaked to your preference. The alarm function also works on battery mode, so it can be used if you take your radio away with you.