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Unify Openstage 20 – T Lava

A Phone In BusinessFulfilling nearly every role of the professional desk phone, the Openstage 20 T Lava is highly equipped to the challenges of a professional setting and ready for deployment in TDM environments. Equipped with Unify Communications exceptional audio devices, the Openstage 20 T Lava produces brilliant sound on both ends of the call. Combined with the phones ‘professional-in-mind’ design philosophy, the Openstage 20 T Lava becomes an incredible device for improving efficiency and ensuring quality of communications.On Your Desk, At Your ServiceUtilising a three-button touch pad and a 2-line graphical display, the Openstage 20 T Lava features a broad range of options and special features within its menus. Caller identification, contact books, call history and much more is available at the touch of a button. Seven function keys provide additional controls, along with volume controls and touch tone keypad for dialling. Easily enable speakerphone for hands-free calling or conference calls.The Sound Of QualityOf paramount importance in any phone system is its call quality: audibility for both parties. Here the Openstage 20 T Lava truly proves itself as a fantastic device. The call quality is exceptional, thanks to careful work by Unify Communications in selecting quality hardware to handle the phones most essential feature. In both the speakerphone and handset we find exceptional microphones and speakers providing the high quality audio on both ends of the line.Built To LastUnify Communications is aware of the challenges which a professional environment where the phones are in near constant use can bring on their devices. As a result, the Openstage 20 T Lava is designed to provide lasting service. It manages to do this by quality materials selection and a design which compromises nothing in durability, ensuring the device is well equipped to handle all the stresses encountered from use.