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Unify Openstage 15 T Lava

A Simplicity In VersatilityThe Openstage 15 T Lava is a full feature desk speakerphone perfect for entry-level deployment in TDM environments. Suited to the demands of professional environments such as call centres and large office buildings, the Openstage 15 T Lava offers an exceptional durability and a full feature set which allows it to be the workhorse device at the end of a high powered phone system. Exceptional versatility is lent to the Openstage 15 T Lava thanks to its eight fully programmable buttons which allow you to access any feature on the phone or speed dial and are equipped with paper labels for easy reference. Three additional fixed function buttons with red LED, a full touch tone keypad and volume controls make up the rest of the Openstage 15 T’s controls.Loud And ClearWhile pretty feature-rich, the main selling point of the Openstage 15 T Lava is its fantastic sound quality. Parties on both ends of the call will benefit from the wonderful crystalline clarity with which the Openstage 15 T Lava broadcasts, and whoever is listening will be sure to note the exceptional quality of sound which emanates from the phones normally or on speakerphone. Having a phone system capable of handling high quality is an essential element for any business which spends lots of time on the phone with customers or associates.Day In, Day OutIn addition to its wide array of features, the Openstage 15 T is notable for its quality in materials and construction. As a result of this attention to detail, the Openstage 15 T is a device built to last through long days of near constant usage in an office environment. From the buttons on the user interface to the most deeply concealed electronics, Unify Communications has taken painstaking measures to ensure a quality product in all facets.