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Unify Openstage 30 – T Lava

Unify Opentstage 30: Everything But The Kitchen SinkThe Openstage 30 T Lava puts all of the devices of a state-of-the-art modern phone at the touch of your fingertips with its huge array of features including programmable keys, headset and USB interfaces, speakerphone, and TDM integration-ready design. A 2-line graphical display provides output for the phones configuration and various menus to navigate the features of its caller identification, call logs, setting and other options.Timeless designEight fixed function keys compliment the eight freely programmable keys which can be used to access different phone functions or act as a speed dial if desired. Equipped with a full traditional touch-tone keypad, 3 navigation keys and volume controls, the Openstage 30 T Lava is plentifully equipped with everything needed for just about any professional environment and is perfect for those who place a lot of outbound calls.Crystal ClearQuality communications rely on quality devices to reproduce the sounds which carry vital information. With this in mind, Unify Communications equipped with Openstage 30 T Lava with truly exceptional hardware for handling the most vital parts of a call. The exceptional call quality is immediately noticeable compared to regular phones. Both the handset and the speakerphone provide a clarity which leaves little room for misunderstanding or misinterpretations. Interfaces for USB, headsets and Openstage Key Module devices allow for additional expansion of features.Highly FunctionalityWhile there might be a lot of controls on the Openstage 30 T Lava, the phone never lets itself be bogged down by its huge feature set. It accomplishes this by maintaining a simplicity of operation which allows the phone to become a natural, accommodating extension of the office environment, never requiring more attention than necessary for its usage and providing a hassle-free work horse which will keep the lines of communication wide open day in and day out.