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Agent Blu

Up to 4 hours talk time Up to 70 hours standby time One touch design Agent Blu Bluetooth Headset The sleek and stylish Agent Blu headset provides multi-point Bluetooth connectivity and a range of up to ten metres. Highly versatile, users can connect it to more than one device at the same time. Comfortable and

Agent 500 VT

Agent 500 Monaural Voice Tube Headset TopThe Agent 500 is a high quality monaural corded headset with a sleek and stylish appearance and clear sound. Ideal for the noisy workplace, it boasts a noise-cancelling microphone and a comfortable leatherette ear cushion.Excellent Sound QualityThe Agent 500 provides crisp sound thanks to its intricate design and quality

Agent W860 DECT Wireless v3

Agent W860 DECT V3 Headset Designed with excellent audio quality and comfort in mind, the Agent W860 DECT V3 single sided wireless headset is a must for the modern office. Whether it be multitasking at a range of 150 meters, conference calls with up to three people or benefiting from the noise cancelling technology in

Agent W860 DECT Wireless v3 inc. Lifter

Agent W860 DECT Wireless v3 with Lifter The agent W860 is a single sided wireless headset specifically designed for intensive use at the workplace. With more than 150 meters wireless radius and up to 6 hours talk time, this headset leaves you free to wander around your office so you can work and never miss

Agent Blu with Travel Pack

Up to 4 hours talk time Up to 70 hours standby time One touch design Agent Blu Bluetooth Headset with Travel Pack With its stylish and contemporary design, the Agent Blu Bluetooth headset looks the part and provides a wealth of functionality, including the ability to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously and a variety

Agent W880

Agent W880 Wireless HeadsetOffering exclusive aspects like high standard of audio quality, second battery compartment, and conference call capability with up to 3 callers, the W880 DECT Multi-Use is a one-sided wireless headset intended for intensive utilisation in and around any workstation.Noise cancelling technologyThe multi-use headset features a built in microphone that is designed with

Agent W880 with Handset Lifter

Agent W880 DECT Multi-Use Wireless Headset with Handset Lifter for Remote AnswerA single-sided cordless DECT headset, the Agent W880 is built with comfort and convenience in mind for intensive use. This headset boasts a stylish design, a noise-cancelling microphone, a maximum wireless range of 150 metres and more than six hours of talk time.Handset Lifter

Agent 100 NC

Agent 100 Headset NC Top OnlyWhen it comes to manufacturing high quality headsets, no one comes close to matching the expertise of Agent 100. Their Agent 100 Headset NC Top Only is known to deliver crystal clear sound, allowing you to chat with those near you. It is designed for noisy places where clear communication

Agent 402 QD Stereo Corded Headset

Agent 402 Corded Headset: For excellent value for moneyA comfortable and stylish dual-sided headset, the Agent 402 offers excellent audio quality thanks to wideband audio technology, acoustic shock protection and an effective noise-cancelling microphone.Comfortable in Noisy WorkplacesThanks to the binaural design, the Agent 402 is perfect for those noisier office environments, allowing the user to

Agent 401 QD

Agent 401: Corded headset for business phonesA comfortable QD headset for connection to all known office phones, the Agent 401 features effective noise cancellation, an adjustable headband designed to fit any head size and a rotating microphone arm.Quality SoundIdeal for VoIP applications and softphones, the Agent 401 features crystal-clear sound and acoustic shock protection to

Agent 401 USB

Agent 401 USB: Convenient plug and play corded headsetA comfortable monaural headset featuring USB connectivity for instant plug-and-play compatibility with today’s VoIP softphones, the Agent 401 USB provides comfort and convenience for intensive use.Flexible DesignThe Agent 401 USB is built to offer excellent comfort. It features a clear microphone boom which the user can rotate

Agent 402 USB

Agent 402 USB Corded Headset: For affordable qualityWith a fully adjustable headband and rotating microphone arm, the Agent 402 USB is designed with comfort and convenience in mind.Dual EarpieceThe Agent 402 USB features stereo sound thanks to its binaural design making it suitable for use in noisier environments. Thanks to acoustic shock protection and noise

Agent 800

Agent 800 Binaural Headset: Compatible with Plantronics QDThe Agent 800 is a top-end corded binaural corded headset offering high-fidelity sound, excellent comfort and a stylish design. It features a Quick Disconnect connection, which is compatible with the Plantronics range of bottom cables.Versatile and ComfortableWith two earpieces, the Agent 800 is ideal for holding uninterrupted phone

Agent 301 USB

Agent 301 Mono USB HeadsetA stylish yet cost-effective monaural headset sporting USB connectivity for use with any desktop or laptop computer, the Agent 301 provides a number of additional value-adding features for your convenience.Excellent Sound QualityBeing a USB headset, the Agent 301 works independently of your computer’s sound card to offer optimal sound quality for

Agent 600 VT

Agent 600 Binaural Voice Tube HeadsetA comfortable and highly adjustable headset, the Agent 600 has a binaural design and a clear microphone tube which can also  be rotated 270 degrees.Adjust to Suit Your PreferencesThe Agent 600 is easily adjustable, allowing the user to find the best fit for their preferences. In addition to offering crystal-clear